3 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated

It’s difficult to stay motivated for a long period of time, especially when we feel like our time and efforts haven’t even made any changes for the better. Usually, we forget about the reason why we started the change in the first place, or whether we will end up seeing the end result.

The doubtful feeling is demotivating, but you need to convince yourself to just keep going.

You won’t ever know what the outcome is if you don’t give your very best.

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Staying motivated has all got to do with the mind. Overcoming that negative thinking will get you results in a matter of time. We’ve posted our top 3 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated below.

1. Write your goal down and stick it everywhere 

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Start by writing down your goal on a sticky note or on a piece of paper. Then stick that note on somewhere visible to remind yourself everyday.

A goal can be anything simple such as switching up your drinking habits by substituting soft drinks with water instead. Or, it could be to eat more snacks that contain natural sugars rather than artificial sweeteners. We’ve got some snack suggestions here that contains natural sugars which would make it easier for you to achieve that goal.

2. Remember the reasons that got you started

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Reasons keep us motivated in order to achieve that goal. We all like to justify what and why we are doing anything so we won’t feel like we’re wasting our time and effort.

Reasons to cut back on your daily sugar intake could be to increase your energy level and get the most out of your day, or it could be to make it easier for yourself to lose weight. For more reasons on why you should decrease your sugar consumption, read our blog on 15 Reasons Why You Should Decrease Your Daily Sugar Intake.

3.  Think of your past achievements

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Whenever you’re feeling down, always think about your past achievements. This will make you think more positively about yourself and will motivate you to challenge yourself again. After all, what’s there to lose?

Your achievements don’t have to be huge ones, it could be the fact that you refused to eat a slice of chocolate mud cake for breakfast today as that would jeopardise your daily sugar quota. Or it could be the fact that you decided to drink water instead of drinking a can of Coke. Little achievements like these will keep you motivated.


Written by Flora C.


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