4 Easy Ways To Tone Up For Summer

Summer is around the corner and there’s one goal we all aspire to achieve – the dream Summer body.

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When we think about the dream Summer body, we think of the amount of effort involved in order to get the flat stomach and toned thighs look.

Truth is, you need to put in the effort in order to get results. However, you don’t need a lot of effort if you stick to these 4 Easy Ways To Tone Up For Summer.

1. Cut back on your sugar

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Start by cutting down the amount of sugar you eat for breakfast. Ask yourself whether you do need the two sugars with your tall latte, or whether you could switch out your Nutella spread with homemade nut spreads. Ask yourself when you’re about to sacrifice your sugar quota whether there are any sugar-free alternatives. Here’s 5 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Cheating Yourself to start you off.

2. Get more active

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Staying active will decrease your stress levels and also prevent you from binge eating. Binge eating is one of the many causes that prevents you from reaching that beach body goal. This is because of the high sugar consumption level which makes it difficult for your body to tone up. Exercising will also keep your mind off eating that piece of cake, and the 20 Things That Crosses Our Mind When We Think of Cake.

3. Stick to a nutritious diet

Image via Harvard Health Applications

It is important that you stick to three main meals, each containing a high nutritional value. This could be done by including at least two fruits and three vegetables in your diet, as well as adding a serving of protein. By sticking to three main meals, it will decrease your likelihood of snacking throughout the day, which means that you won’t be eating unnecessary calories and food high in sugar. Foods such as a rainbow paddle pop stick contains up to 13.5grams, so consuming one will definitely throw all your efforts away.

4. Set goals and stay motivated

Image via Shape

Always remind yourself of why you want the beach body – it could simply be for health reasons or to challenge yourself. Write down your reason and stick it somewhere visible to remind yourself everyday. If your reason isn’t enough to get you started, here’s 15 Reasons Why You Should Decrease Your Daily Sugar Intake to keep you motivated.


Written by Flora C.


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6 thoughts on “4 Easy Ways To Tone Up For Summer

  1. Great Read! I was viewing those girls’ photos who are showing their abs on Instagram, motivating me to be one of them. Those tips are useful to push me to reach the goal within the summertime ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks TheBeYou-tyProject! Yes, #fitspo certainly does give really high expectations for the perfect Summer body. It takes heaps of time and a lot of hard work to actually get there! We can all start with small changes, such as eating less sugar which i promise will help immensely!

      Liked by 1 person

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