SUGAR CHALLENGE: Are You Ready To Cut The Jelly? — imsweetenoughblog

Here’s a sweet, little game for all you goal-getters!

Young woman eating salad
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I’m Sweet Enough and Sugar Sticks will be taking on the  Eat Less Sugar Challenge which starts this Thursday, that is tomorrow!

For one week, challenge yourself to keep your daily sugar intake to the minimum! Unless you’re like myself, who’s going to go all out by cutting all refined sugars in my daily meal.

Remember, you’re sweet enough already, you don’t need to pack on the artificial sugars.

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Kelly can handle it. Michelle can handle it. Beyonce can handle it. We do think you can handle it! We know we harp on a lot about sugar. Duh, that’s kind of the point. But part of the reason we do what we do here is we want people to 1) realise how much sugar […]

via SUGAR CHALLENGE: Are you ready to cut the jelly? — imsweetenoughblog


Written by Flora C.


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8 thoughts on “SUGAR CHALLENGE: Are You Ready To Cut The Jelly? — imsweetenoughblog

    1. Hey asianwomanleader! Yes it’s definitely difficult but it’s all just mind games! Start by setting small goals to decrease your daily sugar intake, and keep motivating yourself! There’s also so many other sweet alternatives that could be used to substitute sugar! You won’t need to say goodbye to the sweet taste and your body will thank you for the change 🙂

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